Prins Willem Alexander Kade (PWA)

Prins Willem Alexander Kade (PWA)

Contact details

Mr N. (Niek) Ooijevaar
3002 AP Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 252 1460


GebiedOverig Rotterdam
Opp. Perceel78.000m2
Beschikbaar perIn overleg
MakelaarHavenbedrijf Rotterdam N.V.
Type aanbodHuur
Huurbaar vanaf datumin overleg
Huur per jaarin overleg

The plot measures almost 8 hectares, strategically situated at the entrance to the port, with deep-water access (9.45 metres) and suitable for loading and/or discharging vessels up to 30 - 35,000 DWT, measuring up to 200 metres (LOA) and with 33 metre beams (decision up to the Dutch Pilot Association).

PoR intends the PWA terrain te be used as a hub for breakbulk, dry bulk or liquid cargo.

The terminal will play a role in international flows of breakbulk, dry bulk or liquid cargo.

Further specifications:

  • Total quay length: 430 metres
  • Draft: 9.45 metres
  • Plot size: 7.8 hectares (78,000 m2)
  • Quay wall details:
    -Maximum ground load up to 20 metres behind quay wall: 40kN/m2
    -Maximum ground load from 20 metres up to 40 metres behind quay wall: 60kN/m2
    -Maximum ground load from 40 metres and further behind quay wall: 80kN/m2
  • Maximum bollard pull (at 20 metres interval) 600 kN.

If required the terminal could have a railway connection, linked to the port rail network.